Public Administration Services
Public Administration Services

The PADD is a partner to area local governments and provides technical and administrative support services to city and county governments.


The PADD provides assistance to local governments in the areas of financial administration, personnel issues, general management, and preparation of ordinances. The PADD also keeps an inventory of city and county officials as well as special districts. Assistance is provided to local governments on an as-requested basis.


The PADD provides technical assistance for a variety of grant programs to assist local governments with their funding applications. Below is a list of the programs and the number of communities the PADD has assisted.


Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)

The PADD disseminated information, provided technical assistance, and assisted with application preparation for the LWCF program. 


Recreational Trails Program

The PADD disseminated information about the program and provided technical assistance to communities interested in applying for funds. 


Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program

The PADD provided assistance ranging from answering technical questions about the program to application preparation.


Area Development Fund

The PADD assisted eligible counties and cities in the development, implementation, and closeout of Area Development Fund projects. These services are available upon request to all units of government in the eight counties of the Purchase. Funding is available to provide these activities through the Joint Funding Agreement (JFA) with the state of Kentucky, which is a combination of state and federal funds.





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