Additional Information & Resources
Additional Information & Resources

Kentucky Infrastructure Authority:

Clean Water Project Profile Pre-application

Drinking Water Project Profile Pre-application

Intended Use Plan for Clean Water State Revolving Fund Fiscal Year 2013

Intended Use Plan for Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Fiscal Year  2013

Fiscal Year 2013 Purchase Area Water Management Council Rankings


 Regional  Ballard Calloway
 Carlisle  Fulton  Graves  Hickman  Marshall  McCracken


 Regional  Ballard  Calloway  Carlisle  Fulton  Graves  Hickman  Marshall  McCracken
*PDF's of rankings have been designed to be printed on 11X17 and Landscape.

Kentucky Rural Water Association:

Kentucky Division of Water:

Public Service Commission:

Kentucky Water & Wastewater Operators Association:

Kentucky Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network (KY WARN):




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